Mariusz Kordowski is a graduate of the Military University of Technology and Contemporary Military Conflicts at the National Defense University. He is a foreign mission veteran. During his military service he was deployed to Iraq, Thad and Central African Republic, where occupied positions in intelligence branch. He was deployed also to the Rule of Law mission in Afghanistan (NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission – NROLFSM), where was planning division deputy.

After his coming back to Poland, he was participating in duty at the European Union Battle Group and MoD Critical Service Support Centre regarding 2012 UEFA Championship. He occupied a positions in the Lessons Learned System at the Land Forces Command and Armed Forces Operational Command, where was implementing experience from the deployments

In the middle of 2015, he accomplished his military service and started social activity in defence policy branch. On 28th October 2016 he established the Foundation: Centre for Strategic Analysis and Policy, where he serves as the President.